Secular Parenting in a Religious World

This candid parenting guide rejects the idea that parents need God to raise moral children. Full of practical advice drawn from nearly fifteen years of parenting and educating children, Be-Asia McKerracher offers parents an alternative to a strictly religious upbringing. Secular parenting helps children establish respect for people regardless of their faith (or lack thereof). Instead, children raised in a secular environment grow to recognize the commonalities between the world’s religions through guided exploration. Furthermore, as they mature, secular parenting allows children the freedom to choose their own faith–or decide not to choose religion at all. 

What greater gift could parents provide for their children? And what greater hostility do parents sometimes encounter–from friends, loved ones, and society at large–for attempting to deliver such a gift? Secular Parenting in a Religious World provides parents with the tools to raise free-thinking children and weather the storms of familial and societal disapproval, always with our children’s futures at the forefront of our minds.

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